Research into VR being used in Education

An empirical study of a simulated virtual reality was carried out in order to investigate the effectiveness of providing virtual simulation to enrich students’ learning experiences. The researchers found that virtual reality can possibly enhance students’ learning experiences by providing them with a heuristic and highly interactive simulated virtual environment. Being explorative and fun are essential parts of students’ learning experiences in virtual reality.

“We learned over the years that people retain 10% of what they read, 50% of what they hear, and 90% of what they do,” Lamm says.

Video showing the excepted rise od vr in the coming years, what vr is being used for, how designers are designing for vr

Benefits of VR to learning

Sometimes it is easier to see and hear something than have it explained to you, and occasionally students just need to be taken out of a classroom environment and dropped into an immersive world; where they can watch dinosaurs walk around them, experience a performance at a West End theatre or in a concert hall, or live stream with other students around the world in VR social spaces. The list of apps being generated is dramatically and quickly growing, and with every new piece of software, another avenue for learners opens up.

The teaching of personal and social skills with regard to immersive technology will be equally important as our social media space gradually changes too, further breaking down the barriers of location and communication.

Schools should pay attention to the birth of this technology, watch its continuing evolution and plan effectively for incorporation in the curriculum – it is not far off. With school planning budgets almost a year ahead, the next few months will be essential; I believe that within the year there will be a suitable classroom solution.

We feel certain that this technology has a distinct and unique part to play for learners of the future. Sometimes a little bit of awe and wonder is what we need to make lessons memorable.


Gaelscoil Eoghain Ui Thuairisc school in Carlow, Ireland is recreating historic sites with Mission V 3D modeling software




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